Team USA freestyle halfpipe competitor and two-time gold medal recipient David Wise is competing once more in the Bejing Winter Olympic Games.

“I’m still in a state in my career where I’m trying to figure out what the limits are for what I can do on a pair of skis,” he said. “It’s not necessarily about comparing myself to my peers and my competitors, it’s more about what can I do with the body I was given and how far can I take this?”

Wise has the chance to win his third Olympic gold medal, although he doesn’t feel any pressure to do so.

“Philosophically, I don’t feel any pressure [but] when I take the time to sit back and think about it, how cool it would be to have a career where I won three Olympic gold medals in a row,” he said. “I don’t feel any pressure to do that, but man that would be cool.”

Wise will still be giving it his all to get his third gold medal, but even if he falls short of that goal he will still be happy with everything that he has accomplished.

“I’m already so fortunate to have won two of these things, another one would be icing on the cake, but by no means is it expected,” he said.

Instead, Wise feels pressure to improve his daily performance, so he knows he is giving everything he has to his sport.

“On the daily grind, I would say that’s where that pressure kinda catches me off guard,” he said. “Where I’m training and I’m not accomplishing as much as I expected to on that given day or I’m struggling with one trick or another, that’s when that pressure starts to creep in.”

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