Megan Rapinoe told Draymond Green “you kind of showed your whole a–,” following his controversial tweets about the WNBA’s push for wage equality.

“It’s really unfortunate in the position that he’s in, having all of the resources that he has and the ability to have a much more educated opinion, that he just hasn’t,” Rapinoe said during a Team USA press opportunity, “and then dragged all these people in it by tagging them in it obviously and speaking about it at a time when, you know, the tournament was going on and all that we saw with the lack of investment, with the lack of resources, with the lack of funding, that’s just really frustrating that that’s the take that you have.”

“Obviously you kind of showed your whole a– in not even understanding what we all talk about all the time, whether its WNBA players or you know us here on the national [soccer] team,” Rapinoe said.

Last month, Green posted a long series of tweets criticizing female players for not pushing higher-ups to get them more exposure and more revenue to raise enough money to increase player’s wages.

He also said that he has declined opportunities to speak on women’s empowerment, arguing that companies that push empowerment “are not putting their money where their mouth is.” He tagged “lady hoopers,” including Sue Bird, Rapinoe’s partner.

“Also like what Sue said, you tagged the wrong people. You don’t think we’ve asked for more money? I mean what are we screaming about non-stop, we’re getting obnoxious to ourselves to be honest,” Rapinoe said, laughing with teammates Becky Sauerbrunn and Crystal Dunn. “And then to obviously, you know two or three days later, completely double down on it, it is really frustrating.”

“We know this about all social movements, and all people who are marginalized, whether it’s by race or gender or you know religion, sexuality, whatever it is, it is not just their job to be the ones fighting oppression,” Rapinoe said. “We need all of the other people as well. So, to have someone who does no what it’s like to be oppressed, to heap that back on female players, or people who play female sports, it’s just really disappointing.”

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