Zoë Robins and Madeleine Madden reveal their favorite moments playing characters from The Wheel of Time.

Madden plays Egwene and Robins plays Nynaeve, two out of the five young people at the center of the series’ story. One individual out of the group is believed to hold the magical powers of the Dragon, who can either save the world or destroy it.

“With Egwene, certainly grown with her,” Madden told uInterview founder Erik Meers. “She has this sort of sense of self and determination and she knows her self-worth, which I’ve definitely learned a lot about from her, from playing her. You know, I really hope that audiences can also picture themselves in this world and also relate to our heroes and what they go through.”

“And for Nynaeve, I hope people can understand her motivations and why she acts the way she does is often because of her deep, intense love for the people she’s with,” Robins said. “And often times I think book readers question whether they are aligned with what Nynaeve does, and how she thinks and her as a character, but I personally get her and love her so yeah I’d love for people to understand all of their complexities and the nuances that our characters have underneath.”

The Wheel of Time is available on Amazon Prime Video. Check out the trailer below!

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