Team USA freestyle skier Jaelin Kauf will be returning for her second Olympic Games in Beijing.

Kauf was nervous going into her first-ever games four years ago but has had a lot of time to prepare since then.

“Going into the last Olympics rank number one was a lot of pressure but I just tried to enjoy it as much as possible, it was my first Olympic experience, and just try to take in as much as possible,” she said. “That dream finally coming true, and I was able to have a lot of friends and family there at the bottom of the course supporting me, going through all that with me together which was absolutely incredible.”

This year something that will be different then her previous Olympics experience is the Covid-19 protocols. This year her family will not be allowed to attend the games and watch her compete.

Even though it might negatively impact her Olympic experience, the lockdown did give Kauf extra time to spend with her family, which revitalized her love for the sport and gave her extra passion to train for this years Olympic Games.

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