Uri Singer and Steve Gordon came together to create of the wearable sanitizer dispenser, FreeBand.

Singer, a film producer, teamed up with Gordon, a biotech entrepreneur, to create a “hand sanitizer bracelet.”

“If you inadvertently or intentionally come into contact [with] something that you otherwise think may be a little sketchy, you put your thumb on top of the bracelet, give it a little squirt,” Gordon said, giving a demo of how the dispenser works.

Singer said he got the idea for the product after film sets were forced to shut down because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“All productions when COVID hit, all productions came to a halt,” he said. “So I thought, ‘What will be needed and required on set when production resumes?’ And I thought what is something that’s handy, that you can have your hands free, and that is cool, that people will use it because [it’s] not a hassle, and something that’s very functional, and I came up with this wristband.”

The bracelet comes with a small plastic bottle with a pointed tip that can be filled with your choice of hand sanitizer and then can be used to fill the bracelet.

“You immediately are able to dispense hand sanitizer of your choice scented, unscented on your hands,” Gordon said. “You can also provide it for somebody who’s next to you so you don’t have to rifle through your pockets, you don’t have to go through your pocketbook or backpack.”

The bright colors the bracelet comes in also serve as a warning to others, according to Gordon.

“It’s immediate on the go, on the spot protection, aside from providing yourself and the people around you with a visual reminder of ‘Hey these are crazy times, I need to sanitize myself. Respect my distance, I’ll respect yours,’ but it’s really a way of protecting yourself, your family, your loved ones and being socially responsible.”

FreeBands are available at FreeBand.live.

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