In August, Marjorie Prime producer Uri Singer and former Netflix and Apple executive George Berry launched the new content database TaleFlick.

TaleFlick is a platform where authors and writers from around the world can upload books, short stories, and other written work to gain exposure in Hollywood by having their work evaluated to determine if it looks promising to turned it into a movie or TV series. 

“I’ve been producing for a decade, movies and auctioning books is very hard because the top 200 books are always going to the studio’s director even before their written from famous and good authors and it was very hard to get to good content and find good books,” Singer told uInterview during an exclusive interview. “It’s very hard to find that process and I think there are so many good books around the world and so many good authors that I thought [TaleFlick] could scale up and I can find much more and give a voice to all the authors that wrote books.”

To upload materials to TaleFlick, authors must pay an $88 fee, this allows for their content to be available on the website for one year and it guarantees authors all rights to their books but gives TaleFlick a chance to bid on their dramatic rights. 


Singer revealed to uInterview that within the first three weeks of TaleFlick’s launch, his team had found four books. “One is a teenage story, one is about a very strong female character that is developing her relationship and becoming very famous and not wanting it and that’s a comedy which we all found brilliant… and one I just read last night that was an incredible thriller that we’re very excited to have, which if successful can definitely become a blockbuster,” Singer said.

Singer eventually plans to launch a marketplace where authors and screenwriters can connect and develop their own projects. 

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