Titus Welliver revealed the secrets behind his character Harry in the final season of the Amazon Prime Video hit series Bosch in his new uInterview.

Bosch follows the story of homicide detective Harry Bosch who works in the Hollywood division of the Los Angeles Police Department. The final season of the series starts with Harry getting called out on an arson case after fire kills five people.

“And what sort of is uncovered is that it’s a street gang, but the impetus for that, which seems initially to be just a form of intimidation gone awry has deeper political, you know, background,” Welliver told uInterview founder Erik Meers, “and you know as always Bosch doesn’t navigate politics well at all. He’s a guy who’s just boots on the ground working a case and so he comes up against the bigger picture of federal law enforcement, local politics and also the political machine of LAPD and he’s getting stonewalled. And, of course, when you stonewall Harry Bosch he bites back. It all kind of culminates into these years of him doing his job and trying to navigate that and sort of deflect, but now he’s faced with it head-on and there’s no way for him to avoid it.”

The actor said picking his favorite scene from the upcoming season is hard: “That’s kind of like saying, ‘What’s your favorite Beatles song?'” he said.

“Since I did the Beatles analogy, my ‘Hey Jude’ moments on the show are when we see Harry make the decision to how he’s going to move forward,” he said, “and I think those are those kind of you know the ‘slow clap moment’ where the audience gets up a little bit and goes ‘Yeah!’ They see that he’s made that decision and that becomes the catalyst which sort of is the fuel of excitement that move us through and then the audience goes ‘Okay we’re on the case with him now,’ and ‘What’s gonna happen?’

“And this time we see, we kind of go, he may be willing to give up his job in order to get this to close this case,” he added.

“I think that what a lot of people maybe don’t always see is the depth of vulnerability in Harry,” Welliver said. “There’s a part of him and it’s an interesting piece of machinery because as a one-on-one thing, if somebody goes after Harry, Harry’s a formidable guy. He can fight and fend for himself. But, when we brought the character Maddy in and started to you know forge that relationship and make it stronger we suddenly put Harry in a deeply vulnerable place because it was no longer Harry on his own. Now his child is there and he can be gotten to.”

Bosch Season 7 is available now on Amazon Prime Video. Check out the trailer below.

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