Escape the Field, follows the lives of six individuals as they wake up and realize they’re in the middle of an unending cornfield. Soon, they realize there’s a much darker force at play and the group is pushed to their limits in an effort to survive.

Theo Rossi, the Suns of Anarchy star who plays Tyler in the film that he dubs a “situational thriller,” sat down with uInterview founder Erik Meers for an exclusive to discuss what scene he thought most disturbing and what this film taught him about filmmaking.

“I remember we were sitting around the fire and someone else shows up. Now it’s like, ‘Wait a second.’ You have to start to question everything of ‘How many other people are here,’ or ‘What is the intention of what’s going on here?’ and I think that was the first one,” Rossi said.

“Even as simple as those horns going off in the back … you’re like, ‘Where are we?’ To me, mental horror is much more than physical horror. When we were filming in that corn, the stalks were like 8-feet tall. You can’t see anything but what’s right in front of you. If there is someone who appears, it’s kind of jarring because you don’t know if there are 30 more people behind it. I enjoyed that scene the most, where this unknown person shows up.”

While Tyler the character has to learn how to play the game of survival, Rossi, the producer and actor, was reminded of the importance of the foundational aspects of filmmaking when the extra luxuries are stripped away.

“This was the first film back after a global changing event,” he said. “There were zero dollars, so we were just trying to be creative. You have to make it work regardless. In this film for example, with such little available to you, all being in one location and not having the luxury of unlimited finances, you have to make the acting do the work. You have to make the relationships do the work. I’ll always look back on how even if you have the other stuff, you have to do this. You can’t just lose one because you have the other. This was something that taught me how important rehearsal is, how important it was to shoot in chronological order if you can, how important it is to get time with the people you’re working with if you can.”

Escape the Field opens in select theaters on May 6.

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