The Impractical Jokers sat down with uInterview and chatted about what it was like to work with their teenage crush Paula Abdul, and what it was like getting their ideas to the silver screen in Impractical Jokers: The Movie.

“She’s amazing. We’ve always been a fan of hers, obviously, you know,” said James Murray of Abdul. “When we were in eighth, ninth grade, she was in her height of her career and her tour, and we fell in love with her. And we wrote the part for her.”

Sal Vulcano said that Abdul was a “consummate professional” on the movie set.

“She actually made me feel a bit lazy,” said Brian Quinn.

The guys described her as dedicated to the dare, and to the stunts, she pulled off herself:

“She swan dove off of a 25-foot scaffolding,” said Vulcano. “And she just trusted a few people to catch her, that she just met.”

“We did not want to be the movie that killed Paula Abdul,” joked Murray.

Abdul was not the only “big” thing about the movie, according to the jokers.

“We’ve always had some really big ideas that were just too big for the television and the small time frame we had,” said Joe Gatto. “So now having a movie with a bigger platform, bigger budget, bigger screen, it just got bigger.”

One of their favorite dares from the movie? Gatto dressed as a crazy cave dweller, a la The Descent, scaring tourists.

“I can’t believe he’s not on the poster like that!” Quinn said.

Impractical Jokers: The Movie was released on February 21. You can find the trailer below.


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