During the 2023 Sundance Film Festival, Christina Chang, Bria Henderson and Harper Hill stopped by to chat with uInterview in between watching movies at the premiere of To Live And Die And Live.

In this exclusive interview with uInterview, the three discussed the best behind-the-scenes moments from The Good Doctor.

“Last season, her character,” Henderson began, pointing to Chang, “Doctor Lim was injured badly and that episode is one of the probably the saddest episodes and more like, most thrilling episodes because like she’s on a gurney, blood is gushing out everywhere but we were laughing the entire time back behind the scenes. It was a funny night.”

Chang chimed in, “It was a long night of filming and on camera, it was a hard, sad episode but behind the scenes, we laughed between every take.”

“Oh yeah, you know what, I’m very professional on the set of the show and I don’t do things that would take me out of my mode,” Harper joked with the two women disagreeing. “It’s not easy being Dr. Andrews on The Good Doctor, I have to stay in character the whole time. My character speaks something like this [deep voice], and it’s not easy to drop into this voice. No it’s fun, I love doing the show and I love working with these two amazing artists and it’s just you know we just have a good time.”

The Good Doctor is produced by ABC and is available for streaming on Hulu.

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