The Flash star Rick Cosnett revealed the journey behind his decision to come out as gay in an Instagram video last year in his new uInterview.

“In Australia not only was it not really a big deal,” he told uInterview Founder Erik Meers, “well it seems that way to me anyway because I had such great acting teachers in university who saw me as this little repressed thing coming out of Zimbabwe …  and also I don’t think I could play a straight person very convincingly to be honest when I first graduated acting school.”

“And then, when I came to the states though, it was definitely a thing of certain acting teachers and managers just trying to protect you and saying you know, ‘What are you going to say about the gay thing?’ You know publicists just trying to help being like, ‘What should we say?’ or ‘Do you want to say anything?'” he said. “And you kind of think ‘I don’t know? Do I? Should I? Probably not then.’ Because I really want like, you know, I want to have the best chance. I mean it’s hard enough as it is to make it.”

“Of course looking back on it I don’t know if it was a good choice or not,” he said. “Maybe it was maybe it wasn’t, but at the same time you as an actor you really want to be able to be mysterious you want people to believe you. You don’t want your personal life out there I mean if you really want to work in serious, beautiful, wonderful projects.”

“Hopefully, we’ll look back at this time and also say that was really f—-d up that I had to do that,” he said.

“And funnily enough by admitting that I am gay, by embracing all of that, I somehow become more masculine and more powerful in those roles because I just don’t give a s–t and it really comes across. Basically, what it is is just owning your own power and your sexuality is caught up in your power no matter what that sexuality is because we’re all on the same scale.”

Cosnett said that he didn’t expect his coming out the post “to have such a huge impact.” “People were just really supportive and lovely about it,” he said.

“The next morning I just get a text from my little sister saying, ‘Making headlines…’ and I started getting text messages from everyone and it was all over … even Anderson Cooper was saying my name.”

“It was around the same time as Tu Me Manques was coming out,” the actor said, “and we’re having question and answers with Academy members after the film and obviously I had to sometimes make myself sit through the film to get the courage to then say something afterward in the Q&A, which was basically the truth of like, ‘Well for me being gay coming to here and I think it’s a bit toxic even though I know people really mean well when they say, ‘What are you going to say about the gay thing,’ you know, it was obviously, when I came here 10 years ago, a different time and I hope that things are changing.'”

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