Jeremy Swift and producer Bill Lawrence reveal how they made Ted Lasso defy viewers’ expectations, in their new uInterview.

“Whenever anybody says there’s no way this show should work, those are the tweets that I find and go, ‘I know it should be awful, it should be absolutely horrible,'” Lawrence told uInterview’s Erik Meers. “I’m going to tip my invisible hat … to Mr. Swift and the rest of the cast for making what could be a jokey show kind of very human and humane, and I like to think that people can tell that these characters and these people in real life really care about each other. And as a fan of a show, and I am a fan of the show for real you know because I think these men and women are doing great work.”

He revealed what he thinks makes the show work. “What sucked me in was kind of seeing a show with an optimistic take that stresses things like leadership, and mentoring and forgiveness,” said Lawrence. “We all found it therapeutic to actually work on, and were excited to do it even if it didn’t work.”


“I think that if you checked out the people who are behind the show, it would be surprising if it wasn’t great,” said Swift. “I don’t think we quite knew that it was going to be so full of humanity, and I thought it would maybe be a goofball show, but then stuff started to take shape whilst it was being filmed and it’s turned into this very life-affirming, almost cult of a show.”

According to Swift and Lawrence, part of what makes the series so great is the combination of leading man and writer, Jason Sudeikis.

“I think people are very quick to identify Jason as an actor first, but he was a writer first on Saturday Night Live, he is a writer on this show,” said Lawrence. “It’s painful for me as an arrogant guy every time people on social media tell me a section that they liked of the show and I have to respond Jason wrote that word for word.”

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