Ted Lasso‘s Brendan Hunt and Nick Mohammed reveal what it’s like to work with Jason Sudekis, what they thought of his infamous Golden Globes look, and give fans a tease about Season 2 of the hit show in a new uInterview.

“This might be a bit macro, but you know we have a writing staff of 10 people, and television is very collaborative, even though there’s one person’s name on an episode it’s written, essentially, by the room,” explained Hunt. “But, in the end, everything goes through Jason one last time. And watching Jason take all these scripts that are already pretty good and add all these touches to it, not just comic touches, but where he sort of sees the depth of a character a little bit, or the reality of the situation a little more and makes those adjustments. He’s been my friend for a long time but it’s a pleasure to watch him work.”

“Jason and Brendan are so great at improvising and you know have obviously known each other for years and stuff,” said Mohammed. “I feel completely privileged to sort of be in that firing line, when they’re just sort of riffing. And we’ve gotten to the end of a scene but they’re, kind of, keep going, and I do everything I can to try and stop laughing.”

The stars joked about what they were allowed to reveal to fans about the upcoming season.

“Well I think the biggest surprise that no one will be expecting is,” Hunt started before putting his finger to an imaginary earpiece, “oh, I’m sorry, I’ve been threatened with my life.”

“I was actually about to say, similarly, with my character,” started Mohammed, before pretending his video call was muted.

“Oh Nick, you’ve been cut off!” joked Hunt in response.

So, what did they think of Sudeikis’ hoodie look when he accepted the award for best comedy actor at the Golden Globes?

“I think his general fashion sense is great,” said Mohammed.

“That Golden Globes, I mean, it was 2:30 in the morning here, and we’re still in work mode, that was a school night,” said Hunt. “And at one point you see like a red pen flash by in that video. That’s because he was literally working on the next day’s scripts, still. Like an hour after the speech, we got an email of, ‘here’s the adjustments of tomorrow’s scripts.’ So, I’m sorry if he was a bit casual, America, but he was at work.”

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