Fox’s newest television show Accused offers a twist on the courtroom drama showing the people charged with crimes as they go through life-changing decisions.

Director and writer Tazbah Chavez spoke to uInterview founder Erik Meers at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah about the episode she worked on.

“The show puts the audience in the position to wonder and ask what they would do if they were put in that situation,” she said.

Her episode is about four Navajo activists working on getting a uranium mine closed in the southwest.

Chavez, who grew up on a reservation in California, discussed co-writing the script for the episode with Chip Johannessen.

“He had a nice story area of what he thought they could be up to and I was able to come in to help craft the characters and issues,” she revealed. “People will find the episode is dealing not only with environmental justice but also the idea of justice and the legal system in America because the Navajo nation is a sovereign nation so when you’re dealing with that you’re dealing with different legal jurisdictions.”

Accused is now available to watch on Fox or for streaming on Hulu.

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