Taylor Handley revealed his favorite things about working with Jeremy Renner, Taylor Sheridan and the star-studded cast of Mayor of Kingstown.

Handley plays Kyle, the brother of Renner’s character Mike McLusky. The McLuskys live in Kingstown, Michigan, a town supported by several local prisons. The show delves into current topics, including systemic racism and the prison industrial complex.

“Just being involved with this project is just been a dream fulfilled for me,” Handley told uInterview Founder Erik Meers, “I’ve always wanted to work with Taylor Sheridan since I saw Sicario and I was like ‘Who wrote this?’ And then knowing his personal story, and everything that led up to the wonderful successes that he’s had throughout the last decade.”

“And then on top of that, getting to share the screen, share space with Jeremy Renner in a creative environment as someone who’s been doing this for 23, 24 years and constantly working on my craft to be able to spar, to be able to you know share, be open with another artist who has the depth and the emotional well that Jeremy has, I mean it really doesn’t get any better than that. And on top of that, Jeremy is just such an awesome person, so it made coming to work every day just a pleasure.”

Handley said he “really enjoyed the dynamic,” between himself and Renner: “We had never met each other before and so our first scene we had with each other we just fell into being brothers. It was just so natural and it shows how open he is as an artist at the level he’s at. But, I would say there’s a scene in episode four that was coincidently my audition scene to get the role. It’s where he and I are up in his cabin, discussing life, discussing options, and it was written very poetically, Taylor did a fantastic job, so that really stands out as one of my favorite scenes, just the rhythm of it and what we both brought that night.”

Mayor of Kingstown is available on Paramount+.

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