Taskmaster, a British game show where five celebrities, usually comedians, come together and attempt to make it through a series of challenges.

Host Greg Davies and show creator Alex Horne sat down for an exclusive with uInterview founder Erik Meers to share what traits make the funniest contestants and some of their favorite tasks.

“I think the audience finds the people who perform the worst to be the funniest,” Horne said. “The question we get asked the most when we do losers of losers edition, people love the failures.”

“The glorious failures. Sometimes people go down in flames maniacally laughing and I love that, when they go, ‘I’ve crashed and burned and I don’t care,'” Davies added.

It may seem like challenges that have to do with comedy come the easiest to the comedians, but Horne says that’s not quite the case. In fact, it’s really the opposite.

“The ones that they really struggle with are the ones where they have to be a comedian,” Horne divulged. “I think it was series two, they walked into a mayoral office and the mayor of Chesham [England], was there. The task was ‘Impress the mayor, you’ve got 20 minutes,’ and they really panicked at that because it was a real person. Even though their job is to perform in front of people all the time, I remember John Richardson said that was his least favorite because it was so intense because there’s one person and you’re one camera and you have to make them last.”

“That’s one of my favorite tasks of all time,” Davies commented. “A contestant called Joe Wilkinson impressed the council official by buying him six beers and 32 ice pops.”

Season 9 of Taskmaster premeires April 15 on Taskmaster Supermax+.

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