Tara Reid revealed her favorite scene from American Pie that had the cast trying “not to cry like and laugh during the take.”

“I guess the funniest moment for us, you know, was some of the scenes we weren’t shooting,” Reid told uInterview Founder Erik Meers exclusively, “when the cast was behind the camera like with the director, watching behind the director’s chair. And I got to, have to say, it was definitely the pie scene with Jason Biggs.”

“We were dying,” she said, “we were like holding our mouths like not to cry like and laugh during the take.”

Although she couldn’t remember exactly how many takes they needed to shoot the scene Reid exclaimed: “We went through a lot of pies!”

“It was so much fun because everyone was kind of in the beginning of their careers,” she said.

The actress said that if her character in the movie didn’t date Kevin, she would want to date Chris “Oz” Ostreicher.

“Well, in real life, the one I’m closest to is Seann William Scott,” she started, “but as his character he would not be the one I’d want to date. So it would probably be Chris Klein‘s character because he was the really sweet nice one.”

Reid revealed that in real life Scott “is so shy and so sweet, you would never think how he just turns it on as Stifler.”

“He’s a genius, he is just a comedic genius,” she said.

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