Tara Reid, star of the iconic American Pie films, revealed in a new uInterview that she’s sticking it to her cyberbullies by becoming a producer.

She described her experience working with Serena De Comarmond on the show Hollywood Disclosure, where she expanded her role from guest to producer.

“She really had an impact on me with the interview and how she speaks. And I walked out of there feeling better,” Reid, 45, gushed to uInterview founder Erik Meers exclusively, calling the host “very healing.”

“And I thought I want to be involved in something like this that someone actually really cares. So we got together and I decided to be a producer with her on the next show.” The episode comes out on February 14 on Amazon and Apple TV.

The American Pie actress explained that she learned a lot from working on the show: “You learn a lot about yourself, you learn a lot about other people, you learn a lot about bullying, cyberbullying, how to kind of just deal with it.”

“In the beginning it’s really hard,” she continued, “because even if one person says something bad about you, you know what I mean, that hurts your feelings before your famous. But then you realize like hundreds of thousands of people are saying stuff you’re like ‘Oh!'” she exclaimed.

“I definitely grew as a person and gotten more confidence through that,” she said. “It also makes you want to do better, you know. It’s like, you think this of me, let me show you what else I can do, so I started to become a producer.”

She said she’s producing another movie, her “first big baby” Masha’s Mushrooms, with her partner White Cross.

“She directed me in another movie, then we became partners, and she wrote this movie for me. And it’s going to be a franchise of five movies.

“Also, you know with Covid happening it’s such a hard time on people. People are very lonely, there’s not much to do, everyone’s out of work, and we decided to take that time and make something better and use that time.”

She added that she’s also working on a movie she called “Game of Thrones meets Greek mythology,” The Prophecy of Troy, a Family Guy-style animated movie that’s “definitely not for kids;” and a horror movie.

“We have so many movies that we’re doing right now. There’s a Mafia movie that we’re doing,” she added, “It’s not just about the Italian mafia … also the Mexican mafia and the different parts about how they control the areas.”

“I feel stronger and better, it’s like switching lanes,” she said. “I’m not just acting, but producing and it’s taught me so much.”

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