Five seemingly normal people are brought together when they have to prove their innocence in a murder investigation. The crimes and secrets of the group start to unravel as the suspects are thrown together on an unforgettable ride.

This is the story of Suspicion.

In an exclusive, new uInterview, Suspicion actresses, Georgina Campbell and Elizabeth Henstridge, who play two of the five accused individuals, spoke with Erik Meers about how the show pushed them as actors.

“(In the show) we all need each other, but we don’t trust each other,” Henstridge explained. “No one else can relate in a way that we can to each other, but then there’s so much distrust there. As an actor, to play that in a scene, the dichotomy of needing somebody but not trusting them was really interesting and it’s just such an acting masterclass to be with these people in a scene. It was just so much fun because you think you know how it’s going to go. You learn your lines and then you get to set and you’re blown away by what people are bringing and how that changes things.”

Some favorite moments on set were when the five of them were together.

“In episode one, there’s a scene where all of us are chucked in a van,” said Campbell. It was all on a night shoot. It was raining and we were filming really intense scenes, but we were all crammed together in a little camper van, hanging out and having fun and kind of going crazy at 5 in the morning still filming. I remember that being a very special moment.”

While distrust may have been a theme for their characters, trust was the theme on set as Suspicion was one of the first shows that returned to production after the Covid-19 lockdown in 2020.

“On a personal level, it gave me so much admiration for the producers behind this project and everybody involved in it that they figured out protocols,” Henstridge said. “There were a lot of new ways of doing stuff, but it was a beautiful experience because it was a hundred people figuring it out together and committing to doing that. That meant sacrifices, like being away from family, but we were so grateful to be doing it at a time where a lot of people didn’t get a creative outlet …  in a time of a lot of uncertainty and loss.”

Suspicion is streaming now on Apple TV.

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