Based on the most-read fiction piece published in The New YorkerCat Person follows the story of movie theater concession stand worker Margot (Emilia Jones) and her budding romance with the very awkward, frequent film watcher Robert (Nicholas Braun).

In an exclusive interview with uInterview at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, director Susanna Fogel discussed what the casting process was like for the film.


“It was actually challenging just because I think oftentimes the economics of which actors get movies made requires you to try to get incredibly famous people to be in your movie and they’re not right for every movie and this is an incredibly relatable story of an every girl and every guy in a way and that’s sort of at cross purposes with who are the most famous celebrities in the world,” she explained. “So we were really lucky with both Nick and Emilia because they were sort of on the rise and obviously starting to have a profile but they didn’t feel so overexposed that it kind of took you out of the viewing experience, at least it didn’t feel like it did to me, so you kind see them as avatars for you or your friends.”

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