Based on the most-read fiction piece published in The New Yorker, Cat Person follows the story of movie theater concession stand worker Margot (Emilia Jones) and her budding romance with the frequent film watcher Robert (Nicholas Braun), even with his red flags and awkward characteristics.

On the red carpet at the Sundance Film Festival, Braun discussed how most can relate to his character in some way.

“Yeah I think, hopefully, everyone is a bit of a Robert in some way, when you’re trying really hard,” he said. “If you think being super alpha or whatever, macho, would make you more appealing. I don’t know, I think there’s so many things like if you dress a certain way to impress a woman, that’s kind of Robert. But yeah, I think I’ve also been awkward and uncomfortable, and over-lusting you know, I mean like, ‘oh God I want this so bad’ and then you kind of destroy it or it just doesn’t work out, it’s uneven.”

Braun also revealed what it was like shooting the awkward kissing scenes.

“It was really fun, like trying to figure out how to kiss bad, like extremely bad, was really fun for to actors to figure out,” he said. “Like, ‘was that weird enough? No, let’s go weirder!’”

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