Singer Josey Greenwell revealed the inspiration behind his upcoming album, and described his journey to becoming his honest self through his music in a new uInterview.

“I feel like I write a lot of stuff from personal experience and hope that it resonates with the audience,” Greenwell told uInterview’s Erik Meers.

“This album has a lot of ups and downs,” he explained. “I feel like the overall pulse of this album is it’s just very driven, just kind of like a city pretty much.” The album, titled City Games, reflects the overall busy nature of being in New York City without discounting the smaller personal emotional moments.

“New York to me never stopped you know, it was just always so fast and there was never any down moments,” the singer said. “So, the sound of this album is very upbeat pretty much the whole time, but within that there are elements of you know heartbreak, losing a loved one, and there’s different wants and desires about being lonely, and it’s just kind of me experimenting with becoming my own and just being an out gay man really, and I haven’t really gotten to write about that, so this is it.”

His favorite song off the album is “Pheromone,” which has yet to be released. “I have always wanted to put this track out, and it just never fit with anything else I was doing,” he said.

Greenwell described his musical style as “really honest.”  “I’m not really holding back in terms of any pronouns I’m using,” he explained. “I’m not really you know sugarcoating a lot of stuff — I’m just kind of giving it raw and real to the way it happened to me.”

The singer revealed that he wrote or co-wrote every song off of the upcoming album: “I think for me the creative process in terms of the writing portion of it has kind of always been my passion,” he said. “I guess when I was younger I thought you know the performing and what not was my passion, but when I stepped away from music and came back that was the aspect I really missed.”

His dream collaboration? “I would love to collaborate with Keith Urban. I loved him just all growing up.”

“And I just love the way he writes, so I think to write with him would be really great,” Greenwell mentioned. He went on to add: “I think pop-wise I would really like to do something with Kim Petras, like her sound is just so good right now, yeah she’s killing it.”

The singer also revealed how he keeps fit while working on his music. He works as Chief Curriculum Lead at Barry’s, which he described as “high intensity interval training.” But he said besides the Barry’s style of cardio and conditioning he also likes to listen to music and lift.

“Like when I’m at the gym on my own I’m just lifting, resting, lifting and resting, but when I’m at Barry’s is when I would say I’m actually working super hard,” Greenwell said laughing.

City Games is available for pre-order and pre-save now, and is set for release November 13.

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