Simone Biles believes that not enough has been done to address the USA Gymnastics sex abuse scandal.

Biles said that USA Gymnastics is “definitely different,” since the team’s former team doctor, Larry Nassar, was convicted of sexual assault and child pornography charges in 2018. “They have precautions put in place to try to better the athletes’ safety whenever we’re traveling, whether that’s at camp, with the team, around the world with USA Gymnastics. So it is very, very different than what I experienced before, so you know, once they have those precautions put in place you feel a little bit safer.”

“At the end of the, day we still need to know and have an independent investigation,” Biles said at a Team USA media summit. “So, for some of us survivors it is disheartening to know that that hasn’t happened and one of the survivors are still out there competing. I feel like they just want to sweep it under the rug but that’s not how to go about it.”

“In gymnastics you get deductions for stepping out of the line and all this stuff, and they just get slaps on the wrist and keeps going it’s like it just doesn’t disappear after I step out in three meets in a row,” Biles said. “They’re like, ‘Oh she’s going to step out we’re not going to deduct her anymore.’ So I just feel like there needs to be consequences for their actions, but I’m sure it’s coming.”

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