The film Eileen follows the title character (Thomasin McKenzie) as she works at a prison when a mysterious love interest, Rebecca (Anne Hathaway), joins the staff. Shea Whigham plays Jim Dunlop in the film.

In an exclusive interview with uInterview at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, Whigham talked about the hardest scene for him to shoot.


“I can’t give up give that away, but there was some there’s some brutal stuff between myself and Eileen, between Jimmy and Eileen,” he explained. “And Thomasin is one of the bravest young actresses you’ll find working today, she is phenomenal because it wasn’t easy getting that relationship right on the screen, you know, the complexities of that. She was amazing.”

Whigham continued on to reveal his most memorable moment from the film.

“I just was saying I I took away a lot of really good friendships with this and you never know how that’s gonna happen,” he said. “You don’t know but I love Will [William Oldroyd] and I love Thomasin, I love them all but I got closest to them.”

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