Mary Fitzgerald, one of the beautiful power brokers on Netflix’s Selling Sunset, addressed some of the rumors circulating about the show, including that the show is staged.

She explained that the drama of her being Jason’s favorite “was not real.”

“I’m his favorite, that is true, but he doesn’t give me listings,” Fitzgerald told uInterview Founder Erik Meers exclusively. “And I see people say this, and I’m like, I don’t know why they think he’s just going to give people listings. I’m like, you do realize you have to work for your business? … It took on like a life of its own. I think Maya said it one time and then it just started getting repeated over and over and over.”

Another rumor Fitzgerald debunked, is that the show was being staged.

“It’s not fake at all,” she said, “everything’s real. The only thing that they will do is if there’s something that one of us needs to talk about or if we’re upset about something they’re like ‘Okay well wait. Don’t talk to her off camera. Just make sure we’re there so we’ll get real reactions.'”

“I think we’re very organic and everything that happens just happens, but I think cameras being there sometimes certain personalities they get a little over the top,” Fitzgerald said. “For some reason when cameras are around people just do stupid things that they wouldn’t normally do, I don’t know why. For me I’m like, I think I watch what I do more, but some people are like amp it up, and so it just makes things more dramatic I think. But to be fair we film for six months and it’s all edited down too.”

“It’s not like we just sit and fight all day, but no one wants to see us just sitting there going on our laptops not saying anything,” she said.

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