Robbie Jones has an intriguing new thriller film out called American Dreamer about a ride-sharing driver who gets caught up in a major crime.

Jones — who is most known for playing Quentin Fields in the series One Tree Hill — explained to uInterview the premise of his new movie, which centers on a strapped-for-cash driver (played by comedian Jim Gaffigan) who chauffeurs around a low-level drug dealer to make some extra money before deciding to kidnap the dealer’s child. The 42-year-old actor noted one of the deeper racial themes American Dreamer touches on and how it tackles this issue.

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“Underneath [the surface story] is kind of like this thematic, almost abstract examination of the inherent ills of the concept of white privilege,” said Jones. “It’s a multi-layered film and hopefully we were able to do ourselves proud.”

The actor further explained the personal significance of the movie for him in terms of its commentary on modern-day racial issues and says it differs from other similar films because of the many layers its story and characters have. Jones said he believes American Dreamer could potentially “spark some conversations” about race relations, white privilege and “marginalized communities” in a powerful way.


“The characters weren’t two-dimensional,” said Jones. “Traditionally, you look at a film like this and you see possibly these stereotypical characters on the page. But the way the director [Derrick Borte] expressed his desire was for these characters to be fully fleshed out and really have [multiple] layers.”


Jones also revealed the backstory for his drug-dealing character Mazz, whom he described as a “really determined father who’s trying to do whatever he can to provide for his family.”

“He got into trouble when he was younger and had a lot of very limited opportunities,” Jones said of his character.

The actor also raved about Gaffigan, calling him “fantastic” and a “professional.”

“He is really great on-screen and it was truly a pleasure to share the space with him and build these characters out together,” said Jones of Gaffigan before adding it was occasionally difficult to stay in character and maintain the seriousness of the film’s storyline because of the comedian’s funny side.

Jones also opened up about his new role on the second season of the DC Universe web series Titanswhich is based on the DC Comics superhero team Teen Titans.

“My character’s name is Faddei and he is a past love interest or flame of Starfire,” said Jones, referencing Anna Diop‘s character Kory Anders. “He’s kind of a blast from the past and he’s trying to get her to come back home to take her crown by any means necessary.”

Jones also comically justified his use of the pun “lame” by noting the powers of the characters on the show.

“Excuse the term because these people have fire coming out of their bodies,” Jones said, laughing.

“He seems like he’s a bad guy, but he has good intentions,” Jones added of his character.

Season 2 of Titans premiered on the DC Universe network on Sept. 6.

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