Robin Givens, who plays Sierra McCoy on CW’s Riverdale, dished about the show, its new spinoff series Katy Keene, and her coming directorial debut with a Lifetime movie.

Givens told uInterview that she was prepared to start pre-production on February 10 for a movie set to be her directorial debut with Lifetime. The working title of the movie is The Stockholm Syndrome. It follows a young woman who is held captive, according to Givens.

Givens also spoke to uInterview about her excitement for Riverdale, and its ability to reach a younger audience.

“I grew up with the Archie Comics, and now you have younger people learning about Archie,” said Givens. Part of her excitement for the show comes from the show’s ability to showcase its young stars.

“In the beginning, you have Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, and all these wonderful people, Cole Sprouse, that maybe the world didn’t know of that you just see them discovering and watching the world fall in love with them, that’s fun.”

This enthusiasm extends to Ashleigh Murray, who plays her daughter in Riverdale, and who is now part of the spinoff series Katy Keene. Givens is set to appear on the New York City-based spin-off show according to executive producer Michael Grassi.

“We love Robin Givens,” he said. “She will come visit for sure.”

Givens said that her favorite memories from Riverdale are the ones she shared with Luke Perry, who died in March 2019.

“I’m honored to have gotten to spend time with a dear friend of mine, Luke Perry, and just be with him on set and tell stories and talk politics and talk about kids.”

“I think I’ll cherish that forever,” she said.

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