Rich Brian stars in the film Jamojaya about an Indonesian rapper, James, trying to expand his career in the U.S. while trying to not damage the relationship with his father and former manager (Yayu Unru).

James is forced to deal with more pressure and demands from the industry and his father’s unrelenting control for fear of losing his son.

At the film’s premiere at Sundance Film Festival, Rich Brian spoke with uInterview founder Erik Meers about his time shooting the film.

When talking about the best moments from the film, Brian said, “What I can never forget is how much time I spent with Yayu (Unru) the actor that played my dad and also Ryan, the producer from Indonesia that was helping us with a lot of stuff. It was like me, Yayu, and Ryan were the only Indonesian kids in Hawaii at the time. Getting to know each other and getting super close and you know, Yayu is such a cool dude. When I talk to him it’s like we’re the same age so eliminating all that politeness was really really great for the movie.”

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