Fans of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta have been wondering what is going on following the drama surrounding Tanya Sam and Nene Leakes’ argument, and Sam is finally revealing all.

Sam sat down with uInterview exclusively to discuss this and more.

“I’ve had a great time on the [11th] season this year,” said Sam. “Being on a show like Housewives, I personally would not have foreseen that in my future, but when the opportunity came around I just kind of jumped at it.”

“I’m very much a ‘seize the day’ [kind of woman],” she added, citing Shonda Rhimess book Year of Yes as a great inspiration for her philosophy on life.

Sam went on to say she agrees with the sentiment that there is a lot of “drama” on the series and called her fellow cast members “very spirited women.”


She then explained the context that led up to her fight with Leakes, saying a girl’s trip to Destin, Florida, at the beginning of the season is where all the tension started.

“We had this fashion competition and I was in a competition against my fellow fashionista Marlo [Hampton],” Sam said. “I love a competition. I hate to lose anything so if you give me a competition, I’m gonna give it my all.”

Sam then said she bought a pair of sunglasses at Leakes’ boutique and said that “in comparison to the rest of my outfit, this was a perfect example of high and low.”

This remark, she revealed, was primarily what made Leakes angry and created tensions.

Sam confessed she and Leakes are not yet on speaking terms again, which leads her to believe her cast-mate still holds certain things against her.

Regarding the reunion, Sam said she enjoyed it but also felt like it was “like walking through land mines.”

“You never know what was gonna come up and what was gonna explode in front of your face,” she said.

So will Sam be back with the Housewives next season? The reality television star did not reveal the answer to this question, saying Bravo remains a “tight-lipped” network with regards to this type of information.

Full interview transcript below:

Question: How have you managed to stay low drama in the show?

Answer: So, I’ve had a great time on the season this year. Being on a show like Housewives, I personally would not have foreseen that in my future, but you know, when the opportunity came around, I just kinda jumped at it. I’m very much a “Seize the Day,” you know, I don’t know if you’ve read that book by Shonda Rhimes, Year of Yes, I was like why not? Let’s do it. I’ve had a great time on there this season, I’ve had a lot of fun and yeah, I think that show is known for a lot of drama, especially the Atlanta crew. They’re always turning up and having all sorts of interesting conversations; very spirited women. So, I found I did fit in with that, you know there’s a couple of people that pushed my buttons at odd times, and if you’ve watched the season, we’ve laughed, we’ve cried together, there was a lot of arguments that happened as well, but it was a great time you know, it was pretty exciting.

Question: How did your fight with Nene start?

Answer: So, you know it was the very beginning of the season, we had gone on this girl’s trip to Dustin and we had this fashion competition. I was in the competition against my fellow fashionista Marlow, and you know i love a competition, I hate to lose anything so if you give me a competition, I’m gonna give it my all. So, you know, I had to come out and I took everyone on this fashion journey and there was a pair of sunglasses that I had purchased at Nene’s boutique, and in comparison to the rest of my outfit, I said, “this is a perfect example of high and low.” That did NOT go over well at all, and there was a lot of tension about this, and you saw later in the episode, that Nene was not very happy that I identified her sunglasses as a “low.” So that kinda fueled this fire, I think. I would like to ask her, we’re not really speaking, so I’m not really sure if we’re good now or not. I think that’s indicative of something because we’re not really speaking; we haven’t really talked since the reunion.

Question: How did the reunion go for you?

Answer: Super Intense, that was my first reunion. I try to think of something that I could like in it too. I’m not sure, I felt like It was kinda like walking through landmines. You never know what was gonna come up and what was gonna explode in front of your face, so it was really really tense. It was a long long day, and you know the idea is that you’re supposed to get all these feelings out, and have all these tags and lay everything out on the table so that we can kinda leave the reunion, renewed? I don’t know if I felt so much renewed, I got to say a lot of the things I wanted to say, but it was really tense for me, it was very intense. I needed a day afterward to just decompress.

Question: Are you coming back next season

Answer: Everyone is always asking “Are you coming back next season?” and it is, you know how we are at Bravo, we’re very tight lipped about stuff, so I guess you’ll just have to tune in and see, but I will leave it at that and say, “I’m sure you’ll see me on a tv somewhere, somehow.”

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