Paul “Puma” Robinson and his wife Quani Robinson are known for starring in the VH1 reality television series Black Ink Crewwhich centers on an African American-owned and operated tattoo parlor in Harlem, New York.

However, they now also star in the 11th season of WE tv’s reality series Marriage Boot Camp, which focuses on married reality star couples participating in exercises and seminars alongside married counselors in order to keep their relationship strong.

Among the other famous couples appearing on this season of Marriage Boot Camp alongside the Robinsons are Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried from The Bachelorette, Aubrey O’Day and Pauly D of All About Aubrey and Jersey Shore, and Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta stars Momma Dee and Ernest Bryant. 

The Robinsons spoke to uInterview exclusively about their reactions to the different exercises and challenges they participated in as part of the show. In one challenge, Quani had to pour ice on her husband in a bathtub. “I felt bad, but I [also] thought it was kind of funny, his reactions,” she said. “He cried the whole time.”

“It was really, really cold, man!” Puma said. “That was bad, so bad!”

“He just made a lot of noise,” Quani said with a smile.

“I think that was the worst challenge,” Puma added. “I thought certain challenges were bad, like the electrocution challenge was bad, but this was the worst.”

Puma also compared the people who organized all of the couples challenges to “evil scientists.”

The couple also explained why they decided to walk on hot coals as part of one of the challenges. Puma said he didn’t want to make his wife experience any type of pain again, while Quani noted she has “anxiety attacks.”


“He just assumed I was going to have an anxiety attack doing whatever challenge came next,” she said.

“The hot coals warmed me right back up [after the ice challenge], so it’s all good!” Puma added.

Were all of these challenges helpful in improving their relationship? The couple believes so.

“It helped,” Quani said. “We learned how to talk to each other better, how not to be so aggressive, me how not to yell, him how to actually listen and not talk so much.”

Puma even took back a valuable lesson from the boot camp about how to better communicate with his partner: “Listen, understand, validate.”

The Robinsons said they felt closest to Momma Dee and Bryant during their time in the camp. Puma also praised hosts Dr. Ish Major and Dr. Venus “Dr. V” Nicolino, who served as the hosts and counselors for this season of Marriage Boot Camp. 

Quani said she definitely recommends other couples participate in the boot camp as long as they are “serious about fixing [their] relationship” and not simply looking for “15 minutes of fame.”

Puma added that he warned people to not “fake” or pretend to be in a romantic relationship with anybody just to get on the show, because the hosts will likely find out.

Aside from surviving the boot camp, the Robinsons have another good thing happening in their life: the couple revealed they are expecting their second child together, a boy. Their first child is a 6-year-old girl.

What’s the key to any successful marriage?

“Communication,” said Quani. “You have to communicate with and listen to your significant other.”

“And bomb-ass sex!” Puma quipped before making a thumbs-up gesture.

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