Chloe, Amazon Prime’s new twisty drama, follows social media-obsessed Becky Green who obsessively tracks the life of her seemingly perfect friend Chloe … until she mysteriously dies.

Following Chloe’s death, Becky assumes an alter-ego and through deceit, worms her way into Chloe’s circle of friends at the risk of losing who she is in her quest to find out what happened to Chloe.

Chloe stars Pippa Bennett-Warner and Brandon Michael Hall recently sat down for an exclusive with uInterview founder Erik Meers to discuss cyberstalking on the show.

“I think everybody lurks, and I think if they say they don’t lurk, I’m not sure they’re telling the truth,” Bennett-Warner said. “I think immediately, the show is relatable because we recognize that in ourselves. I think it also shows the vulnerable position that can be conjured by tapping into social media and lurking. Lurking can make you feel vulnerable. I think it just shines a light and highlights all aspects of social media whether they’re good or bad.”

“As much as we want to not say that our feelings are put into social media, it’s constantly from an emotional place,” Hall added. “We’re constantly either comparing ourselves emotionally, or trying to have someone affirm that we’re doing a great job, or that we look good or this, that and the third.”

Season one of Chloe is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

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