Devil’s Peak follows the story of Jacob McNeely (Hopper Penn) as he struggles under his father’s (Billy Bob Thornton) control as a meth-dealing kingpin in the Appalachian mountains, especially when he meets a girl (Katelyn Nacon) and wants to run away with her. Penn’s mother, Robin Wright, plays Jacob’s meth-addicted mother in the movie.

In an exclusive interview with uInterview, Penn revealed what it was like working with his mom on set.

“Like the best thing ever,” he laughed. “Me and my mom have a very tight relationship, like we’re really good friends. We like to hang out and stuff so before she started shooting on set and we would smoke cigarettes and then when we started shooting it. It was the first time I’ve ever acted with my mom, I’ve acted with the rest of my family before, and I don’t know, she just flipped me out, you know, like she’s so good.”

>Watch the rest of Penn’s interview here!

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