Cities That Sing: Paris highlights the City of Lights with a special musical twist.

Grammy Award-winning opera singer Renée Fleming recently sat down with uInterview founder Erik Meers to discuss how the project showcases opera to a wider audience.

“The Met HD broadcasts have been really helpful in the last decade,” Fleming said, before adding, “IMAX takes it to another level. IMAX, with Stage Access, has done a type of filming that is so larger than life in terms of the cameras that were used and the camera work. This is an art form, of course, that combines all of the arts. To be able to sit and see that huge screen for opera is so perfect, and this amazing sound system also enhances how we sound. I think it’s a perfect marriage.”

Fleming also revealed one of her favorite moments that occured while filming.

“A memory that has come to mind more than once today is the moment that we caught the sunset on the roof of the theater,” she shared. “We literally had to run up late in the day because there was a break in the clouds and you had this gorgeous red color. It’s quite precarious on the roof, so that moment has definitely stayed with me because it was so beautiful.”

Catch Cities That Sing: Paris in IMAX theaters beginning on September 18.

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