On My Block star Julio Macias answers more fan questions in part two of his new uInterview with uInterview founder Erik Meers!

Destinee (@lehinofleigh21 on Instagram) asked Macias why he got into voice acting on an animated series.

“I think it circles back to storytelling,” he said, “you know, whatever form that takes. And voiceover allows you to really become somebody completely different, an absolute new creation, you’re not, you know, you’re not limited by the human body, you are now lending your voice to an animated series that can sort of take any, you know, shape or form.”

Tatiana (lekazz.t on Instagram) asked Macias for his favorite On My Block scene.

“My favorite scene to have ever played was the graveyard scene with Brett Gray,” he replied, “you know, trying to catch a ghost. I think that that was the most fun I had on set throughout the entire series. Everything else — I mean work is fun for me — but everything else felt like work. That scene was just having fun, so I had a blast in that one.”

Polly (@polly.drc on Instagram) asked Macias which movie or TV series he would be a part of if he could choose.

“I love Mayans [M.C.], so I’d like to be in the Mayans series,” he said. “Disney+ is doing fantastic things with the Marvel universe, so anything that Marvel touches I would like to jump headfirst into that.”

June (@perksofbeingjune on Instagram) asked how Macias’ On My Block character Oscar “Spooky Diaz” changed his life.

“Oscar, you know, absolutely transformed my life in being able to stand in my presence, you know, and understand that there’s power in being present,” he answered. You got to mediate, but definitely to not back down, and to you know — that there are positive ways to use your strength and you don’t necessarily always have to back down. You can speak up and you can stand your ground.”

Assiral (@iamassirubio on Instagram) asked what roles the actor is looking for in the future.

“I want to be a chameleon,” he replied, “so any script that comes my way that, you know, will allow me to, you know, wear prosthetics or transform myself.”

Check back soon for Part 3 of Julio’s uInterview!

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