Simone Biles reveals how she spent her time during the COVID-19 lockdown, in a new video from uInterview.

“The main thing was just like trying to stay healthy another year,” Biles said, “trying to have your mental game up another year, it’s another year on the body. It’s just a lot to think about, but then at the end of the day it’s like we’ve worked so hard we’re not going to give up yet, we’re going to keep striving for this goal that all the athletes have kind of put in their head is the 2020 Olympics and once it was postponed it’s like, ‘I’ve gone too far to give up now.'”

Biles said that the Olympians were forced to quarantine for seven weeks before they were allowed to return to the gym full time. But this wasn’t the first time she’d taken a break from professional gymnastics.

“After Rio I actually took about a year and a half off, so that was definitely the most time I’ve ever had off,” she explained, “but for the quarantine, the seven weeks off, I already knew that if the Olympics were to be postponed I was going to take about three months off just to kind of gather my thoughts and protect and take care of my body, my mind, my spirit, you know.”

Biles said that although the early days of the pandemic quarantine were “really, really hard,” lately she’s been able to spend more time with her friends and family and attend more of her boyfriend Jonathan Owens‘ basketball games.

“What’s been really exciting is being able to experience life with my family, my friends, getting to go to my boyfriend’s games, and I told him I’ve never been able to go to so many games in a season in my life because usually I’m just so busy all over the place.”

“But at the beginning of quarantine it was really, really hard because me and my family are really tight knit, and my parents wouldn’t let me over to their house for months and so it was just kind of like the dogs and I chilling at home and I would take them on so many walks I think they were so sick of me because I was just so bored.” The Olympian said that quarantine taught her that she “really can’t sit still.”

“I have way too much energy,” she said. “I couldn’t sit through all of the Netflix shows. I was just so bored, so I would clean a lot, and I found that was kind of my saving grace.”

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