Sprung, a quirky comedy, follows formerly incarcerated Jack who is determined to make up for his lost years by using his powers for good as he enters back into the world at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Acclaimed show creator Greg Garcia, who is best known for his work on My Name is Earl and Raising Hope, recently sat down with uInterview found Erik Meers to discuss reuniting with Martha Plimpton and Garret Dillahunt on set.

“At the time I wrote it, Martha wasn’t available,” Garcia shared. “She was under contract somewhere else. Garrett was somebody I specifically wrote this for and he’s an executive producer on the show. People read and and were like, ‘Oh! You wrote this role for Martha,’ and I would have to say, ‘No, Martha isn’t available.’ Martha joined us later in the process and so I guess it turned out I did write it for her, I just didn’t realize it at the time. Having them back on set together … we’ve all remained friends. It wasn’t long before we shot this that we were all in my backyard socially distancing and hanging out with eachother so it’s not like we ever lost contact.”

He also revealed how they approached the new roles as completely different people from Plimpton and Dillahunt’s characters on Raising Hope.

“Just being back with that team – I had worked with them both individually since Raising Hope – there was certainly some concern, we didn’t want people to see Burt and Virginia on the screen,” Garcia said. “I know some people will have a hard time getting over that, but hopefully we can get them past it and certainly her look and character and his character are different people. The chemistry is still there which was great to see.”

Sprung premiers on Amazon Freevee on August 19.

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