Demetria McKinney, who stars in Motherland: Fort Salem, gave uInterview a peek into her quarantine life by discussing what it’s like living with her 21-year-old son and the new hobbies she has taken up.

She explained that normally she isn’t home much because she’s usually out traveling for work, but now that she’s spending all of her time at home, she has had to get used to living with her son.

“My son was usually floating around like the feather in Forest Gump, just really enjoying life without mom here,” joked McKinney. “And so now, we’re like really into each other’s space, and we have to live with the people we live with, and thank God we love each other, we have a great relationship.”

She explained that the living situation “started off rocky,” but now she has found ways to keep herself busy.

“I’ve been working with mulch,” said McKinney smiling. “That’s a sentence I never thought I’d say!”

The actress gave this advice on finding hobbies: “It’s really, really interesting to find new ways to be well, outside of your element.”

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