Patrick Wilson opened up about his time on the set of Moonfall, a sci-fi thriller that is the brainchild of legendary director Roland Emmerich, in his new uInterview.

Wilson, famous for starring in the insanely popular films WatchmenThe Phantom of the Opera and The Conjuring, elaborated on why working on Moonfall stood out to him.

“You know you have this idea at least on a disaster movie or a big, epic movie that the director is out there screaming “Action!” you know and just really like a hype man,” Wilson told uinterview’s Erik Meers. “[Emmerich] is the complete opposite. He’s very cool and casual and “it’ll be fine” and “this is what will happen,” and “be like this but cooler.” Nothing ever seems too big or outlandish. He never seems out of his depth. He always knows what he wants with the scope of the movie and I think that helps him make really strong choices because nothing is ever off-limits. He just like “let’s go for it.” He has real confidence and focuses in his filmmaking – well, he should – which is why it was an easy yes to come and say I’m in.”

The quirky twist on the sci-fi disaster movie was an instant draw for the actor.

“This is an original story and a massive movie, and they don’t make these kinds of movies a lot so when you get the chance to do it you embrace it. And we’re all fortunate to be able to do it,” he said. “You’re just happy to be working. It was shot in the middle of the pandemic. You’re just happy to be working and working with nice people who are passionate about what they do. It’s kind of like doing a horror movie in a way. You can’t get caught up in, ‘I don’t know if this would happen.’ Like if you’re there, you’re in the wrong movie. You want to start small with this kernel of truth and then you’re in the character-driven story and you reel the audience in with your relationship, and then once you establish your characters and what you’re going through as your character, you can go anywhere and the audience is with you for the ride.”


Two scenes stuck out as physical challenges to Wilson, even though the crew “baby-proofed” the set.

“There’s a scene where it flooded,” he said. “And the water rushing in which you dump over a tank full of water. You just have to go along with it. You’re not gonna fight it, as anyone who’s ever been in the ocean will attest to. That was a little rough. It banged us around. The crew made sure that all the rocks are actually rubber and all the metal is covered and painted rubber so it softens it a little bit. We were thrown around quite a bit there. And then probably in the spacesuit, that you know is clearly meant for space and not so much for Earth – not as comfortable as you’d think.”

Wilson said he would be open to returning for a sequel if the movie does well. As long as it has “variety and versatility.”

“That’s what I always try to do with films,” he said.

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