Molly Bernard revealed the “life changing” advice Hilary Duff gave her on the set of Younger.

“Working with Hilary, and also with Sutton [Foster] by the way, who I wrote, you know. fan mail to when I was a kid, and she wrote me back, the two of them are consummate professionals. And so it has been amazing getting to work with two women who are so strong and so graceful,” recalls Bernard. “And you know probably my favorite moment with Hilary was many, many season ago, this was very early on, and I was always nervous when I showed up to set. This was my first job I had just booked Younger right out of grad school I had just graduated from Yale School of Drama, and I was so nervous, and Hilary just said to me one day, she was like, ‘Listen you are so good. Just ease into it. You do not need to be nervous on set. It’s not going to be worth it for you. Just like give over to it and enjoy it.’ And I have carried that with me everyday since then. She basically offered the notion that you can have ease in your work and that’s life changing, you know, that’s not a small thing.”

Bernard said that she’s “become family” with Duff and Foster. She’s the god mother to Duff’s children and mentioned that Foster had just sent her a picture of her daughter in a childhood sweater of Bernard’s.

“It’s been amazing right, it’s been amazing for my career, but also I met these extraordinary people that I have in my life, and I couldn’t be luckier.”

The first six episodes of Younger Season 7 are streaming on Paramount+. New episodes drop every Thursday. Check out the trailer for the final season below.

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