Younger star Molly Bernard revealed her favorite scene to film from the series in her new uInterview.

“I think my favorite scene that I ever filmed was, it was actually last season, it was Season 6,” she told uInterview’s Erik Meers.

“We’re throwing a surprise bachelorette party for Miriam Shor‘s character Diana, who’s like you know very uptight,” she said, “and I run out of this like bright pink Hummer with a like penis hat on my head and I scream at her ‘Get in the Hummer b—-h!’ I get to scream at her and like gutturally, and just none of us could keep it together.”

“When the days are filled with that level of intense joy, it’s just so fun. I’ll never forget that.”

The first six episodes of Younger Season 7 are streaming on Paramount+. New episodes drop every Thursday.

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