Moby revealed that he suffered a six-month-long anxiety attack after trying acid for the first time, in his new uInterview.

“I think I started experiencing anxiety and just general sort of like dislocated discomfort at a very early age,” Moby told uInterview founder Erik Meers, “possibly even in the womb. And it kept building and it kept building but I didn’t have the means to process it like I didn’t have the language or the skills to process this anxiety. And then when I was 19, I tried acid for the first time and I feel like it broke the wall between me and this anxiety.

“And the anxiety flooded, figuratively speaking, or maybe even neurochemically speaking, the rest of my brain,” the musician said, “and yeah it triggered as you mentioned, it was an anxiety attack that lasted in a plateaued form for actually about six months.”

“As far as like a dark night of the soul, that was pretty dark,” he said.

Moby’s new documentary, Moby Doc, will be released on-demand and digital platforms on May 28.

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