At the Sundance premiere of Cat Person, a psychological thriller following the story of a college-aged concession stand worker and a budding romance with a frequent movie-goer, Michael Gandolfini, son of actor James Gandolfini, talked exclusively with uInterview about what he liked most about working on the film.

“Working with such an incredible cast and getting to know Emilia [Jones] and sort of Susanna [Fogel] and like this incredible group of people,” he said. “It was just really a remarkable no brainer, the story is so important in such a sort of educational piece that you know, in 2017, wasn’t really talked about in this way so just to be a part of it was a no brainer.”


Gandolfini also discussed how he got started acting.

“Well, you know, at first it was really, I was playing hockey for a while and I thought that’s what I was going to do and I ended up breaking my leg,” he revealed. “And I sort of found acting. I was going to do it to sort of think like, ‘oh, I don’t like it.’ I knew I was going to go to like an acting school or a school for filmmaking and I went to an acting class and just fell in love with it.”

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