Kids Ruin Everything is a heartwarming comedy that follows parents Astrid and James as they tackle the challenges of young parenthood.

Meaghan Rath, who plays Astrid, and Aaron Abrams, who plays James, recently sat in the hot seat for a conversation with uInterview founder Erik Meers to discuss the show’s relatability and some of their favorite moments.

“I think a lot of my friends with kids watch the show and find it very triggering for them, in a positive way,” Rath shared. “[Producer] Kurt [Smeaton] made this show from his personal experience and he’s someone who has a really unique view on not only the world but being a parent, being a father and the way he sees children, and so there’s something really, really special in the way that he’s writing. That’s what makes the show different from other scripts I’ve read before about families. He finds kids and family dynamics fascinating in such a unique way.”

Abrams elaborated on why he thinks the show is so relatable.

“Kurt writes with a lot of love and very specifically about his life,” the actor explained. “When you write something that specific, it becomes universal as opposed to writing something that’s supposed to be about everybody. it kind of becomes about nobody. These are very specific problems, but they’re in every household.”

Each episode centers around an event that the couple did before children were apart of their family, and how they have to change to approach it differently now that they do have children.

“There’s a scene where they’re trying to figure out how to plan for life after they die and they’re trying to figure out which parents will get the kids and it leads to a real mess of a dinner that they have with Astrid’s sister, my sister, and my brother in law so it’s where they don’t really want the kids. We haven’t planned it and it becomes a real pain in the ass for people to take our kids because we don’t know what we’re doing,” Abrams said.

Tune into Children Ruin Everything on Roku.

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