Toddlers & Tiaras star and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo matriarch June Shannon, or “Mama” June, is back with the sixth season of her show, Mama June: Road to Redemption, and she’s ready to share her journey of recovering from a toxic relationship and repairing her relationship with her family.

Shannon recently spoke with uInterview founder Erik Meers on what it took to break up with Geno and where her relationship with her family now stands.

“A lot of praying to God, a lot of telling him, ‘Please let me out of this situation, please don’t let him kill me,'” she said. “He knows what the situation was. I just want people to know you can have a voice, you can leave this situation that’s toxic. When you’re in a narcissistic, controlling situation, it consumes you.”

Coming out of the abusive relationship, Shannon’s daughters Alana and Pumpkin Shannon were skeptical if she was leaving Geno for good.

“In the long run, you don’t know how to leave or what’s going to happen when you leave,” Shannon shared. “[Alana and Pumpkin] didn’t believe me that I was going to leave [Geno], they thought I was going to stay. I honestly, to myself, didn’t know how to get the hell up out of there, but when that door opened up and God opened up the door, it was like run as fast as you can and never look back.”

As for if she fears that she will get back together with Geno, Shannon had a strongly worded answer.

“No. Hell no. That control, that manipulation … no,” she said, “I don’t even think about him. I don’t care what he’s doing in his life. He’s blocked on all of my social media. I don’t let people know where I’m at all times, That’s me being away for a year knowing there are situations that happened that I don’t even talk about.”

Mama June: Road to Redemption Season 6 premieres May 13 on WEtv.

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