Luke Goss revealed what it was like working with “American treasure” Val Kilmer on the set of the movie Paydirt in a new uInterview.

The thriller follows a parolee (Goss), who gets his old team of misfit criminals back together to find a buried bag of money in the middle of the desert, while a retired sheriff (Kilmer) tracks them.

“It’s just a fun, goofy film,” Goss explained to uInterview’s Erik Meers. “We had a lot of fun making it. We really wanted to just deliver a movie that was, I don’t know, a bit of a check-out, but some fun as well because in these times we all have our reasons for being a little raw.”

The actor explained that he worked to make his character one “that was literally wrung-out with acting.”

“I didn’t want to see the acting, I wanted him to sit within that lead place without wagging fingers, you know just being a part of a gang,” he said of his parolee character, Damien Brooks. He explained that his inspiration for playing the character came from his own learning in his personal experiences.

“I think you apply learning to the characters,” Goss said. “For me it was more a case of my greatest fear is confinement, I think it’s terrifying the idea of that. But I realized the only way to do that, that might be truthful, is to find a sense of place because otherwise I think it would send most men into a place of turmoil for a while, but I think he knew wholeheartedly what was ahead of him.”

“He’s a piece of the puzzle and he understood that,” the actor said of his character.

In the movie, Goss’ character faces Kilmer’s sheriff head-on, in a scene where the actors were “talking about [their] lives,” and “just kind of permeating and oozing out of” their characters.

“I enjoyed the scene at the end with Val, where we’re both men who have been through our own journeys,” the actor explained.

“He was comfortable, I was comfortable, there was love and trust there and that scene was both beautiful to shoot in location, but what it felt like was far beyond the story on screen,” Goss said.

“I think Val has now got to a point where he brings color and light and laughter and love,” Goss said of his costar and friend. “And he’s like a walking example of courage and how to not only overcome, but then prevail through that struggle.” Goss reminisced about being reuntited with Kilmer on set:

“This golf cart was coming towards me, and there he was, he gets out, open arms, we must have hugged for 30 seconds.”

Paydirt is avaiable for rent on Google Play Movies & TV and Amazon Prime Video. Check out the trailer below.

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