In the film Condor’s Nest, viewers follow an aviator searching for war criminals years after the end of WWII. Jorge Garcia plays Proprietor Hipolito, owner of a cantina that brings the main characters together and pushes the story forward.

In an exclusive interview with uInterview, Garcia revealed some of the troubles he had behind the scenes.

“What I remember most about the shoot in North Carolina was when I flew in work the one day and I think I was even supposed to fly back that night, but there was an issue with my flight connecting late so I had to be picked up and driven the rest of the way,” he began. “Which, unbeknownst to me, because I didn’t take that second leg, ended up canceling my return ticket. I would have to wait, meanwhile, this is happening, the airline also had lost my luggage or my luggage didn’t make it to its final destination and I think I was able to get my luggage to just turn it back into them to check in to go back, but luckily the crew was great. They had extra T-shirts they had bought for my part but I was going home with me so I had a different shirt to wear I could wear a clean shirt on the flight back.”

Condor’s Nest is available for streaming on-demand now.

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