Kristin Scott Thomas and Sharon Horgan sat down with uInterview’s Erik Meers to talk about what they were most afraid of in their new movie Military Wives.

The movie is both a comedy and a drama and follows a group of women whose partners have left to serve in Afghanistan, and so they start a choir to cope. Lisa, played by Horgan, is newer to life as a military wife and butts heads with Kate, played by Thomas, who is the colonel’s wife.

“I like to keep things ship-shape,” said Thomas of her character.

“Kate likes telling people what to do, and Lisa hates being told what to do,” Horgan joked.

Thomas explained that the characters aren’t based directly on real people, but the movie is based on a true story. She was able to meet the colonel’s wife and talk about life on the military base.

“I did meet the colonel’s wife, who’s a lovely lady, who showed me all her wardrobe, and I just copied everything she wore,” said Thomas. “And we actually used her house as our green room.”

The actresses revealed that they had no prior singing experience before starring in the film.

“I had no background, I mean I sang in a choir in common school, but everyone sang in a choir in common school,” Horgan explained.

“I didn’t sing in the choir because they wouldn’t let me, but I did try,” said Thomas.

“You tried out and they were like get out!” joked Horgan.

“It’s probably one of the main reasons why I didn’t want to do the film,” Horgan said. “But then it’s probably one of the main reasons why I loved doing the film so much when I finally did it.”

“It’s good to do things that scare you, but, especially singing in a choir,” said Horgan.  “It’s the most fun you can have with your clothes on.”

You can watch the movie on Hulu or buy it on Amazon Prime Video. Watch the trailer below:

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