HBO Max’s House of Ho follows the lives of a wealthy Vietnamese-American family in Houston, Texas.

Reality stars Kim Ho and Bella Ho recently sat down with uInterview founder Erik Meers to discuss their most embarassing moments while filming the show.

“Oh my god, there’s a scene where I fell and I literally stepped on my own toe and they told me, ‘No, that’s not gonna be in there, you’re fine! I didn’t even catch that.’ Then I look at it and I’m falling right there … I was like, ‘Okay. It’s fine. That’s fine,'” Bella revealed. “That wasn’t planned! I literally just stepped and I broke my toe nail, but it’s okay. It’s for the content.”

“I also have a scene where we’re paddleboarding and I was the only one who was actually paddleboarding correctly,” Kim said. “I stood up. Everyone was a little more nervous so they stayed on their feet or on the board, but the only scene that they show is me falling and my top almost flying off. It looks like I was the worst one at paddleboarding even though I was the only one actually doing it. I thought that was pretty funny.”

The cousins also spoke about the generation gap between their parents and themselves.

“For our parents who were born in Vietnam, they immigrated here though difficult times,” Kim explained. “They’re having difficulty being displaced from Vietnam, and starting a new life all afresh. The children of these immigrants … we have to show an appreciation of all the sacrifices they’ve made, but here in a America, we’ve learned that there’s a ton of importance on mental health and how these pressures can be detrimental to our mental health. I think it’s navigating being able to have an open dialogue with the older generation – parents, aunts and uncles to be free of judgement so that we can collectively navigate through our lives and heal together as they’re trying to adjust from being displaced from their home country and what they’re used to.”

Season 2 of House of Ho returns on August 25 to HBO Max.

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