Tallboyz is returning for its third season.

The acclaimed sketch comedy series features comedians Guled Abdi, Vance Banzo, Tim Blair and Franco Nguyen who originally met through the stand-up comedy scene in Toronto, and the show is produced by none other than The Kids in the Hall and Saturday Night Live‘s Bruce McCulloch.

Banzo and McCulloch recently met with uInterview founder Erik Meers, to discuss how their show satirizes controversial topics like cultural appropriation, racism and office politics.

“I guess we just have to put on a blindfold and ignore the line and listen to when someone says to stop, I guess!” Banzo said. “Listen for when people say, ‘You’ve gone too far!’ It’s just about what’s funny to you and listening to your mentors. Bruce really helped guide a lot of sketches.”

McCulloch also pointed out the importance of having diverse comedians, like the cast of Tallboyz, who can satirize those pressing topics.

“Vance is allowed. That’s the fun part. We have a great scene in the third season about how bad the drinking water is on the reservations which is an ongoing insanity here in Canada,” McCulloch said. “They all have their points of view that are cultural or social, where they’re allowed! That’s one of the powers of the show.”

As for their favorite moments on the show, a few stood out.

“PSA is probably one of my favorite sketches … and Racism Now. It’s the first sketch we ever wrote and we all hopped into a mini writers room,” Banzo said. “We just laughed and laughed in laughed and put it on stage that night and it was kind of the beginning of everything, so it holds a really special place in my heart.”

“I love it all, but there are nice little moments of monologues where you get to know each of the guys in different ways,” McCulloch revealed. “It’s fun to watch them work together as they’re living together, like monkeys in a house or something.”

Catch the third season of Tallboyz on Fuse and Fuse+ now.

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