Kelsey Asbille revealed what she learned on the Yellowstone set from Kevin Costner in her new uInterview.

Asbille plays Monica Dutton, the granddaughter of Indian elder Felix Long (Rudy Ramos) and she’s married to Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes), with whom she shares a son, Tate (Brecken Merrill).

“[Season 4] starts out really intense,” she told uInterview Founder Erik Meers. “Yeah, we picked up right where we left off, and Monica doesn’t know who or what she’s fighting, but you know, she’s as always, Tate is her number one.”

The actress said she hopes the audience understands that Monica is “human.”

“She’s trying to do her best as a mother and as a wife while also kind of you know trying to figure out the space for herself as well. And so I think she has like a lot of inner strength that we don’t, that’s not always as outward as we see in the other characters.”

Asbille said that in her favorite scene from the new Season Kayce and Monica “have it out.”

“And I’m just like ‘It’s so great!’ You know?” she said, “because they’re so fiercely protective of each other and trying to do the best they can for each other, but sometimes you just got to fight it out and that’s love too, you know? And so I think there’s a lot of things they got to get off their chests and it was super fun. Luke and I really like we were like we were in the ring and it was fun.”

She also called Yellowstone star Costner “a legend,” and revealed the advice he gave her on set. “The lesson that I took really is from the first, I think the first day of shooting with him,” she said. “And he just said, I think Luke was there as well, and he had kind of this beautiful way of, you know, just speaking of how we’re all here in service of the story. And also to support — you know, because most of us are there, we’re there everyday, but especially the people that come in just for the day and how we can really be there to support them in service of the story.”

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